The Benefits of Oil Heating

Nova Scotia’s most common home heating source is oil so we’ve been letting all our followers in on the many benefits of oil heating for your home. When compared with other alternatives, such as electric, oil often comes out on top for being budget friendly, incredibly efficient, and safer than you’d think. Check our Benefits of Oil Heating list below for all the information we’ve shared with you on our social media!

Budget Friendly

  1. Newer oil heat appliances can reach efficiencies of 97%, saving you money on your heating bill.
  2. According to Efficiency Nova Scotia, oil heat can save you around $800 per year when compared to a typical electric heating system.
  3. The average oil heating system uses 35% less fuel than it did 50 years ago, saving you money on your heating costs.


  1. Oil heat is the most common heating system in Nova Scotia with almost 40% of households using oil to heat their homes, so you won’t have to worry about where your fuel will come from!
  2. Many oil heat companies, including West Nova Fuels & Superline Fuels, are locally owned and operated businesses with employees who live right in your community, so you’ll be supporting local with your home heating system.

Efficient & Long Lasting

  1. Newer oil heat systems are 95% cleaner and more efficient than their older counterparts, producing next to no soot, dirt or odour if they’re well maintained.
  2. No more waiting for a hot shower! Oil heating systems can heat water five times faster than electric systems.
  3. Heating oil burns hotter than many other types of fuel so you can have a warm home, faster in our unpredictable Nova Scotia weather.
  4. Oil heating systems produce more heat than many other kinds of systems. The air exiting the registers can be up to 30% warmer.
  5. With proper maintenance and cleaning, oil based heating systems can last up to 30 years, much longer than many other types of heating systems.

Safe & Comfortable

  1. A small generator can easily power an oil heat furnace, meaning you can have heat even when the power is out.
  2. Heating oil is non-explosive and presents little risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, making it one of the safest home heating options.

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