What is ThermaClean home heating fuel?

An innovative, environmentally responsible premium heating oil, ThermaClean is specially formulated to burn clean and more efficiently than regular home heating fuel. ThermaClean reduces the amount of smoke, soot and corrosion that are generally expelled from heating fuels while still providing homes with the warmth and coziness of traditional heating products.

A furnace using ThermaClean reduces fuel consumption because it burns cleaner and more efficiently with less wasted heat.


ThermaClean can actually protect your oil tank. Did you know that metallic oil tanks can corrode from the inside out? ThermaClean’s clean heating fuel has an added anti-corrosive ingredient that coats your tank with a protective film, which helps reduce internal corrosion.

ThermaClean fuel is more environmentally responsible by reducing emissions. It burns cleaner and more efficiently with less wasted heat.
With less soot build up inside your furnace's heat exchanger and chimney, the heat is more efficiently distributed throughout your home reducing oil consumption.
ThermaClean is a clean heating fuel that produces much less soot than regular heating oil products, extending the life of your home heating system.