8 Tips for Summer BBQing

Whether you’re a BBQ newbie or a seasoned pro, there’s always room to up your grilling game. And what better way to do it than with a propane BBQ? We’ve rounded up eight tips to up your BBQ skills!.

Preheat Ritual

Preheating your grill will make everything go more smoothly. Fire up the burners and let them do their thing for around 15 minutes. This ensures your grill’s ready to go and gives you those great sear marks.

Grill Mark Guide

Speaking of sear marks! For those picture-perfect marks, place your meat, fish, or veggies diagonally across the grates. After a couple of minutes, give ’em a quarter-turn to create that crisscross pattern.

Mastering the Flip

When it’s time to flip, use tongs or a spatula—never a fork. Poking your food releases those delicious juices, and we want those to stay put. Plus, keep the flipping to a minimum. A flip per side is usually all you need.

Keep It Closed

Resist the urge to check on your food every two seconds. When you open the lid, you’re letting out precious heat and slowing down the cooking process. Trust the process and only flip or move your food when it’s truly necessary.

Tame the Flame

Propane grills are like your kitchen stovetop—they’re adjustable. Play around with the burner knobs to control the heat. Create different heat zones by setting one burner on high and another on low. This way, you’ve got a safe haven for searing and a cozy spot for slow cooking.

The Sear-Smoke Combo

Want to add that smoky flavor to your BBQ masterpiece? It’s all about the sear-smoke combo. Start by searing your meat over high heat, then move it to a cooler part of the grill and close the lid. Toss in some soaked wood chips for that mouthwatering smokiness.

Rest and Serve

Now it’s time to let your creation shine. But hold on—give your meat a few minutes to rest before diving in. This lets the juices redistribute, ensuring every bite is tender and full of flavour.

With these eight propane BBQ tips up your sleeve, you’re ready to impress at your next get together! Looking for more information on propane, click here!

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