5 Ways to Optimize Your Thermostat

We rely on so many various kinds of technology to help make our lives easier but tech is not always perfect and sometimes needs a hand to make sure everything is running smoothly. Your home thermostat is one of those pieces of technology that needs the occasional check up to make sure your house is staying warm and cosy. Here are 5 tips for optimizing your thermostat!

First off, you may be wondering what can happen if your thermostat isn’t working quite right. An uncalibrated thermostat may mean the temperature in your home is fluctuating unnecessarily, particularly in homes without zoned heating. This can be uncomfortable for your family and cause sleep disruption as higher temperatures are associated with difficult sleep. You also may also notice higher heating bills due to excess energy use. These issues are most likely to arise with older thermostats rather than the newer digital or smart thermostats. So how can you make sure your thermostat is working properly?

  1. Make sure it’s clean! Older, analog thermostats in particular are prone to dust and debris getting inside. Remove the cover and use a Q-tip to remove any dirt. 
  2. Adjust the heat anticipator. Sometimes the thermostat is causing your furnace to turn on and off too often. The anticipator is a small lever that can be moved to make your furnace cycle longer.
  3. Check the level. Some thermostats have a small vial of mercury that must be level for the thermostat to work. If you’re having heat issues check to make sure it’s straight.
  4. Check the calibration screw. Some thermostats have a small screw inside labeled calibration that can be turned to adjust the settings. The thermostat manual should tell you the optimal position. 
  5. If you’re not sure, call a technician! With so many varieties of thermostats the above tips might not work for everyone. If you’re not sure how to make adjustments yourself give us a call and we’ll make sure your thermostat issues are promptly fixed!

Want to learn more about optimizing your home heating? Check out our blog on smart thermostats!

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