An Affordable, Clean and Safe Heating Solution

When considering the many alternatives for home heating, propane is a viable option for many Nova Scotians.

Our automatic fuel delivery system allows you the peace of mind knowing your propane is always available when you need it most.

Clean burning propane reduces the need for burner and chimney cleanings or maintenance because propane gas emits virtually no soot, very low levels of carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons, or other nitrogen oxides.

Propane is commonly used for cooking, water heating, lights, space heaters, fireplaces, furnaces, boilers, grilling and standby generators.

As a clean burning fuel, your equipment and appliances do not require much cleaning or maintenance.

Every propane tank that we install is inspected and requalified by a certified technicians. We also complete a visual inspection of your tank with every delivery to be certain that your tank or cylinder never becomes outdated and meets current standards.

Discover why propane fuel is a responsible and economical choice for both commercial and residential customers.
Reduce your reliance on electricity and enjoy the flexibility that propane will offer in every room of your house, cottage or business.
Our team of experts can demonstrate the benefits of propane-fuelled appliances designed to lower your energy costs.