Enjoy the convenience of fuel storage with our bulk fuel delivery.

West Nova Fuels and Superline Fuels will provide you with quality Petro-Canada products delivered to you by local drivers and staff. Whether you’re in the farming, fishing, forestry, fleet, construction, or general manufacturing business, to name a few, we deliver best-in-class service safely and reliably to your site.

You can lower your operating costs and store fuel directly on your site to access it any time which allows you to refuel your fleet or equipment at your convenience. West Nova Fuels and Superline Fuels will make sure that the fuel is there when you need it.

Our personalized service and local presence allows us to best solve your specialized petroleum delivery needs. In addition to our local service, we will customize the supply, pricing, delivery and storage options to best meet your needs. Purchasing in bulk saves your company money and results in less transactions, fewer invoices and little to no paperwork.

Our service is simply unmatched. We make sure the fuel products are there when you need them, delivered directly on-site. We serve your daily fuel and lubricant needs, both large and small – throughout most of mainland Nova Scotia.

Save time and money with our On-Site Refueling (OSR) service for fleets of trucks and equipment.
Why not trust us to service your heating oil and lubricant needs at the same time?
With Automatic Delivery, we will make sure that the fuel is there before you need it.